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About our studio.

Our Story

Teresa Aldrete

the Dreamer / Owner & Principal Designer

Teresa’s love of home runs deep. Raised in a homebuilding family and with years of experience in residential real estate sales uncovered a deep love of Interior Design. Gracious living and welcoming interiors are always at the heart of her approach to design. She believes that to make a space feel good it must be interesting, inviting and beautiful. Creating welcoming spaces is the philosophy found in each project Aldrete Design does whether Residential, Model Home or Commercial interior design. 

“See the big picture but never lose sight of the fine details.”
- Teresa Aldrete

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Our Team

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Design Philosophy - Residential

Our passion, both professionally and personally, is the making of a home.

Our expertise lies in crafting inviting and functional spaces, utilizing exquisite textiles sourced globally, carefully selected furnishings, and tastefully curated decor. Our goal is to fashion spaces that are cohesive, and reflective of our client.

Services include:

  • New build construction
  • Custom Homes
  • Full service Remodels
  • Space planning
  • Finish packages
  • Cohesive paint selection
  • Electrical planning and layout
  • Plumbing fit/finish
  • Flooring
  • Window treatments
  • Whole house furnishing

Design Philosophy - Model Home MErchandising

We ignite the dreams of home ownership and set our client’s product apart from the competition.

We create beautifully designed Model Homes, Build to Rent communities, clubhouses, sales & leasing that HELP PROPERTIES SELL.

We keep it local, on-trend and inspire buyers with colors, textures and memorable moments. Warm, welcoming atmospheres to engage visitors, spark imagination and encourage them to linger and dream. Showcasing unique features that will stick with the potential buyers long after they leave the model, supporting your sales team in their efforts post visit. We make it memorable!

Services include:

  • Target buyer development
  • Model Merchandising- Pre Construction Fit and Finish
  • Interior Details - inspiring buyers with memorable moments
  • Elevation Curated Package Development

Teresa Aldrete designing a dining table.
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Design Philosophy - Commercial / Multi-Family

Sales & Leasing offices: We motivate and excite buyers by designing comfortable, productive sales centers.

Amenities spaces: Our strategic design and merchandising of Amenities spaces inspires dreams of living life to the fullest.

Corporate Office Spaces: Warm and welcoming office spaces foster an environment that promotes calm and efficiency all while generating creativity - we like to add a little fun in there, too!

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